Snowmobile remapping

  • Increased power and torque
  • Limiters removed
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Better control in harsher conditions.

To do this there are many factors to take into account, firstly many riders will just buy a plugin box that interrupts signals in a crude way to change the performance of the snowmobile, the factory ECU is far better designed to control the engine correctly with far more functions to control directly if recalibrated and far more set points in tables to make control so much more accurate and performance vastly better.

There are a wide range of key maps to change to optimise the performance of a snowmobile especially when it has modified hardware which is taken into consideration then also.

Firstly we look at optimising engine performance, so we’d look at fuel and timing maps not just under full load but also at various part load states, then we’d look at limiters, not just RPM limiters but also hidden torque limiters and then of course the speed limiter, the last thing which is very important are throttle control maps which change how the power is controlled by your right hand, you would want improved torque at take off with great traction and then be able to control the power accurately

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