Linear Throttle Mapping

Linear throttle maps

We were the first company to develop “linear” throttle maps, this was from our own experience in racing. Then, many racing drivers asked for more control on the throttle in and out of corners, so you can make a car feel more balanced like it has a cable throttle, a feeling which can be more predictable. Some like it with a very fine touch which gives even more control and finesse, others a little more progressive in linear (most commonly used by racing drivers for the finesse in control or a little less even).

We can do a direct one-to-one map (for a lot of people this feels very undrivable and strange to regular cars). With modern ECU’s you are now handed far more control of how you can manipulate the car’s sensors thankfully, the one-to-one is not advised as it is very aggressive and unlike the throttle cable one-to-one style you can make your car far more driveable, it depends on the driver’s style and how the specific car responds.


A common problem is in many modern turbo applications or RWD only cars is that they can get very aggressive wheelspin at the front on turbo applications – you can get excessive understeer suddenly or with RWD cars the back end will snap out and not be able to control it effectively after being properly tuned. With our race proven changes, the more experienced drivers like this a lot, it might not be noticeable for many or not how they want it, so we do not do this normally. Also bear in mind this is only available on a limited number of applications. Of course another way to get improved traction and control is to have a LSD (Limited Slip Differential) From my experience a worm drive type is “Ok” for the road, but if you can tolerate the additional noise and costs then a Plate Differential is always going to be best.

Here are rough examples of engine load versus throttle request…

This option is only available on certain car’s dependant on the ECU.


Semi Linear

With more control

Virtually 1-1 throttle

Not so much control, very aggressive
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