Drilling Machines

Tuning Benefits

You would never think a drilling machine could benefit from tuning, well in many circumstances it can, with varying substrate for either sampling or making boreholes some of our customers have hit limiters in torque where the engine backs off when the unit is more than capable of providing the power safely.

On units that are used for long periods of time or older the engines sometimes used have the Euro emissions systems still on them only ‘required’ for road use but the user wants to remove these to avoid costly repairs, these include the DPF system, the EGR system and the use of AdBlue, we can remove these at the same time as well as optimising output for better torque and to improve fuel economy. Also on Hydraulic units retrofitted to excavators we can tailor power output specifically to suit the pump.

We cover engines on and covering units; ABI, CAT, Comacchio, Delmag, Iveco, Perkins, Soilmec and Soiltek.

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